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Moving to PatronBase

How to make the move to PatronBase, with our support

PatronBase utilises a tried and tested implementation methodology  wholly supported by our Project Management team to make your move seamless.

The entire process is flexible and adaptable and we work with key groups of users within your organisation right from the beginning to give them the opportunity to feed into the project plan with their hopes, fears, wishes and expectations. At the end of these discovery sessions, we aim to have a broad knowledge of your organisation, your teams and your objectives.

Your assigned project manager will then tailor a configuration and implementation plan to suit your needs.

Whilst your configuration plan navigates the wealth of flexibility of the PatronBase products to tailor the system to your needs; your implementation plan seamlessly dovetails the services needed, setup, migration, de-duplication and integration with other systems as needed. We’ll guide you on the data we can pre-load into the system and migrate the data from your previous system in, setup and preconfigure the system, install it on our cloud hosting or your systems, and provide the training and consultancy you need to get up and running. We want to ensure at this stage that your data is as clean and clear as possible to give you and your audience the best start. We can also supply or help you select suitable hardware, and even update or renew your website as part of your implementation project if required.

Regardless of how complex you think your needs may be, your PatronBase project manager will work closely with you throughout to keep your go-live on track and the wider expert team will be there to support your use of the system from implementation and beyond.

For organisations with broad requirements encompassing multiple departments, we typically recommend a phased approach – implementation of the system department by department. This is particularly well suited to replacing multiple incumbent systems with low cohesion.

At a high level, implementation generally consists of 6 broad stages:

  • Scoping– deepening our understanding of the business objectives, specific sites, financial scoping, procuring hardware and payment services and understanding staff and their roles.
  • Implementation– delivering the project through setup, implementation and installation of the core system, and bespoke development and customization.
  • Testing and training – this includes verification of setup and data migration, acceptance testing of customisation and bespoke development, and training of both superusers and the wider cohort of end users
  • Go live – transfer of services from your legacy system to your new PatronBase system
  • Intensive support – during this period, you will continue to be supported by the project management team, and the support arrangements will be established for “business as usual”.

Project wrap up – handover from the project team to the support team for continued support, together with lessons learned and retr

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