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Venue Manager

An innovative room booking software solution packed full of all the features you might need to manage a successful venue.

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Simple and easy to use room booking system from PatronBase

PatronBase's Venue Manager is a simple, easy to use room booking system that has been designed to enable smooth and successful management of any theatre, multi space venue, arts complex or community centre.

Available either locally installed or as a cloud hosted service, PatronBase Venue Manager is offered with an unlimited user licence at an affordable price, payable as either a one off upfront purchase (with ongoing support and maintenance) or as a subscription service.

Fully integrated into PatronBase ticketing and CRM software

PatronBase Venue Manager is a fully integrated part of the PatronBase ticketing and CRM software family, ensuring that all venue hires are included in the central patron records database.

With breath-taking ease users can convert room bookings into ticketed events with just the click of a button, with all hire information still available for future reference.

In the same way, all productions that are setup in box office module will automatically become events in the venue diary to ensure there is no double booking over programmed ticketed events.

Clear visual displays

With its clear visual displays, PatronBase Venue Manager provides operations and front of house managers with a quick glance view of everything that is going on in the building on one screen.

Whether you prefer the simple day view, monthly calendar or configurable timeline view, users are able to distinguish between different types of bookings easily, with configurable status colours and usage tags clearly visible on every screen. Useful dates such as public holidays or periods of building maintenance can also be highlighted in the diary.

Easily add events into the organisation diary

PatronBase Venue Manager makes it easy to add new events into the organisation diary, simply by dragging and dropping an event into the timeslot you want and entering the booking details into a single screen.

A variety of standard and customisable fields are available to store any and all information required (such as technical, catering and FOH details) alongside fields such as disruption warnings, which will alert other users of potential clashes in the diary.

Additional events can easily be added to existing bookings, creating linked events for the same customer. The auto-scheduling tool can also be used to create repeat bookings on specific days or house-keeping block bookings either side of existing productions, which is great for adding in all of those get ins and get outs!

Record additional resource bookings

Resource bookings can easily be added to individual events within PatronBase Venue Manager, either as an internal record of the event requirements or as an additional priced product, which can be added to the room hire cost. All product sales appear in the booking sales history, can have their own account codes associated with them and can be paid for in advance of the event.

Staff requirements can also be recorded as resources or, if more detail is required, as individual roles within the staffing roles section. Actual staff members can be assigned to specific roles within each booking, with detailed role descriptions available if required.

Course sign up via integrated ticketing

For organisations who offer a range of free and charged for courses and workshops, PatronBase’s integrated ticketing allows them to convert events setup in PatronBase Venue Manager into ticketed events online.

Attendees can then sign up for a user account, register for individual or groups of classes online and input any essential information required by the course organiser. Access controls can also be used to make certain courses only available to those who have passed an audition or completed a previous course already.

For course organisers, PatronBase provides the ability to login online and view everyone that has signed up to your course and each individuals course requirements, which were recorded during the sign up stage.

Register interest online (Venue Manager Online)

Interested in providing internal departments or trusted customers with a way to request room bookings online?

Venue Manager Online offers organisations who receive a high number of booking requests the ability to allow individuals to register their interest in specific timeslots online, whilst capturing all essential booking requirements on the same screen.

Notification emails will then be sent to both the customer and the Events Administrator (as well as additional email addresses if required) and the booking will be pencilled into the diary, awaiting approval from the Administrator.

All available day and time slots are fully configurable along with any custom required fields, including the requirement to agree to the Terms and Conditions before the request is sent.

Useful reporting

PatronBase Venue Manager includes a number of standard report templates, such as confirmation letters, invoices and event sheets, which can be customised to match your organisations existing branding and wording.
To keep everyone up to speed with what's happening in each booking, a standard event summary report will not only include standard events details, but also details of all resource and staff bookings and any recorded custom notes.
A range of financial summary reports are also available within PatronBase's Venue Manager to provide sales reports by venue, staff member, booking name, customer type and referral method. There is even a simple event list report, just in case.

All Features

  • Simple, easy to use booking system
  • Fully integrated into PatronBase ticketing and CRM
  • Clear visual displays - calendar, day, timeline
  • Drag and drop events into the diary
  • Configurable statuses, types etc.
  • Disruption warnings
  • Customisable notes fields
  • Multi-linked events
  • Convert bookings into productions via integrated ticketing
  • Auto-schedule bookings by production or date
  • Associate priced resources and products
  • Record account codes and payments
  • Create confirmation letters and invoices
  • Allocate staff members to various roles
  • Register interest online (Venue Manager Online)
  • Control available timeslots online
  • Allow sign up for courses via integrated ticketing
  • Allow course leaders to monitor sign up online
  • Unlimited user licence
  • Cloud hosted
  • Range of useful reports

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