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Supporting the Sector

We're passionate about the arts, culture and heritage sector

At PatronBase, we’re passionate about the arts, culture and heritage sector.

So, in addition to the direct support we provide to organisations using our software within the PatronBase Community, we’re also always on the lookout for opportunities to support the sector more widely.

Each year, we sponsor or exhibit at a number of the sector’s key events, as well as providing speakers and content on topics such as new technologies, opportunities and challenges around organisational change, and mental health and wellbeing. Our webinar programme includes both free training on our products for PatronBase customers, and topics of general interest or relevance to customers and non-customers alike.

We’ve been proponents of flexible working long before COVID hit, with many staff working flexibly or from home, but our main office is based in Bradford, one of the most deprived local authorities in the UK. We are active in careers in IT to schools and colleges in our area, particularly underrepresented groups, and are proud to be gender-balanced at all levels. We are happy to support career days and taster lessons with speakers or presentations to encourage students to consider a career in STEM, and offer work experience to IT and computing students on request.

Our early-career recruitment focuses on degree apprentices, which allow us to support our recruits to obtain an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification whilst working. We support employability schemes such as the government’s Kickstart scheme.

Finally, although our pricing supports almost any organisation to access the software we provide, occasionally organisations in exceptional circumstances find that even our entry level pricing is beyond their reach. In 2021, due to the impact of COVID on our sector, we froze all prices for current customers. Over the past 3 years, we’ve piloted the PatronBase Bursary by invitation, which allows us to offer a module or whole system for a contribution well below our commercial rates, and 2021 will see us expand this programme with an open application process.

We’re always open to new ways to support our sector, so if you’d like to request our support with content or a speaker for an event or publication, please do contact us. We prioritise not-for-profit events and publications in the arts, culture or heritage sectors, and schools and colleges within an hour’s drive of Bradford.

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