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Legitimate Interests – You can, but should you?

With the impending GDPR changes, there’s a great deal of interest amongst marketers and fundraisers in using legitimate interests as an alternative to obtaining consent. In many circumstances, this is legally acceptable – but will your patrons hate you for it? Many marketers and fundraisers are seeing...

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Spot the difference

How a ‘double or quits’ approach to de-duping, is driving some Box Office Assistants up the theatre wall… Picture the scene, a new brochure went on sale yesterday; 3 classes are taking place in the next few hours and practically all the participants want to book places for next term, involving forms being...

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Price ≠ Value

At the supermarket I get the best result by solving a fairly simple equation (based on the concept of price ≠ value) with these factors: ·      Cost per weight (ounce/ gram) ·      Perceived quality (branding or visible attributes) ·      Desirability ·      Utility to the...

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A programmer, a box office manager and a venue manager walk into a bar…

Sounds like the beginning of a really geeky insider joke doesn’t it? Well don’t worry, I’m not going start throwing tired old punch lines about dodgy tickets or double bookings at you. I am however going to discuss the eminently serious topic of how event bookings are or ‘should’ be made within venues with...

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The Emotion in Loyalty

I travel a lot. Over the last few years I have lost track of the air miles I have clocked up while travelling long haul between hemispheres. And I have flown most of the airlines flying the various routes down under to topside, and back. After a while I settled on one airline. When you do that you start to move up...

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