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As an academic institution, your theatre or arts centre will have a range of audiences - students, friends and family, alumni and members of the public.


Using PatronBase’s powerful CRM, make the most of these overlapping audiences by understanding who attends what, their other interests and their wider engagement with your venue, and build your relationship from one off attender to loyal supporter.

Free up time and resources through efficient ticketing and venue management, and maximise income through hires, memberships and loyalty.

Build an audience your way with PatronBase.

Why choose PatronBase?

Understand your audiences and their engagement, including students, friends and family, alumni and members of the public

Promote events and activities with targeted marketing using a 360 degree view of your patrons

Increase efficiency with state of the art ticketing, venue management and more

Grow a loyal supporter base through memberships, donations and loyalty

Maximise commercial income through venue management and hires

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